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Faculty Applications

The Summer Intensive Research Institute (SIRI), a culturally responsive summer undergraduate research program, focused on broadening participation of underrepresented students in cyber-physical systems, seeks faculty supervisors for undergraduate summer students. SIRI is part of the NSF-funded Cognitive Autonomy for Human Cyber-Physical Systems, an NSF CPS Frontier program.

SIRI students will conduct an 8-week research term in pairs under the supervision of faculty members at Purdue University. The students will be available for research for approximately 36 hours per week, and will participate in SIRI programmatic events for up to 4 hours per week. Students will be fully funded by SIRI. Faculty supervisors will need to ensure that a graduate student in their lab is available to the students, and will be able to complete online mentoring training (2-4 hours in total). Faculty will also receive a stipend to support travel to the NSF CPS PI meeting in November.

Application process

Faculty whose research is related to cyber-physical systems are eligible to participate. Please provide a 1 paragraph summary of your project (at most 1200 characters), with as little jargon as possible. Explain the project objective, what’s exciting and novel about the research, why students should be involved, and how it will help others. Email your completed paragraph to by end of the day Friday, November 4, 2022.

If selected, you will need to provide a one-page research plan for your project, describing 1) the proposed research plan for the student's work; 2) a supervision plan, including anticipated interactions with you and a graduate student mentor; and 3) the name of a graduate student or postdoc willing to serve as a mentor to the students.